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KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles

Some see the glass as half full. Some see it as not only half empty... But the home for their dentures one day after, their luck, experts decide that a lifetime of preemptive flossing actually causes gum disease. 
                                                                                                                                                                  Up & Down Guys, on KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles, is the first radio show to provide massive group therapy and comedy relief in the process. There’s an under-served radio audience who long for a smart yet accessible, clever and funny, grown-up yet hip (but-not-too-hip-for-the-room) entryway into the minds of those of us struggling to connect with the absurdities of everyday life.

In a way, it's a kinder and gentler Larry David meets Dr. Phil, as Up & Down Guys launches with an up front interactive therapy session among "patient," Andy Cowan (the down guy who generally sees the glass half empty, as long as it’s full of humorous insight) psychotherapist, Matt Casper (the up guy who generally sees the glass half full) and listeners.

When the doc's time is up, the theme music kicks in... and therapy session morphs into a multi-faceted comedy/information talk show loosely hinging on the up and down themes, hosted by the (slightly but not oppressively) down guy and his upbeat therapist.

A la The Daily Show and Real Time with Bill Maher, takes on current events and pop culture enjoy fresh new spins. While the seldom-reported minutiae buried in the recesses of the down guy’s overburdened cerebral cortex finds an escape route to the masses.

In times of a still down economy, audiences will draw encouragement from someone poking fun at their own down-ness, someone who can also be energetic and up about a lot of things, an up guy trapped in a down guy’s body!

Featured departments include “celebrity guests” who call in but decline to put their voices on the air (so you only hear the up and down guys’ ends of the conversations). And some who do put their voices on the air. And still other authorscomic strip creators… and quirky conversationalists visit in-studio… shedding light on the up and down sides to their own lives.

They unveil the Up & Down Words of the WeekThe Latest Odds! … Go on another Virtual Date, where the Down Guy engages in a (one-way) conversation with an imagined woman out there in radio land he hopes to connect with, as he leaves room for her clearly imagined responses. They take another phone visit with the Up & Down Girl, who forms their “human graphic equalizer” as her mid-range perspectives balance out Andy’s relative lows and Matt’s relative highs, on such topics as… dating… marriage… family life… and plastic surgery…

New Search Engines… beyond Yahoo! … like Yayyy! … take the art of word association to a whole new level… and Ask God reveals why He rejected the latest award show losers’ prayers!

Unemployment Tonight! gives your self-image a welcome boost by celebrating the people less successful than you are…

And they travel back in time for another … Sick but True Future Prediction of the Past!

LISTEN TO - Up & Down Guys KPFK pilot: 1/12/10
(can click mouse over rectangle next to arrow to advance through show) [28 min.]
[Therapy session... visualization... show opening... plea to give eye contact to people when they're in their cars... failed date insurance... up & down word of the week ... Up & Down Girl on having friends... Oprah Winfrey calls in... 60 Seconds expose on inappropriate chuckling... sick but true future prediction of the past... show close]

LISTEN TO - Up & Down Guys KPFK episode: 10/20/10
(can click mouse over rectangle next to arrow to advance through show) [28 min.]
[Therapy session... show opening... bad habits... ways to create lifelong happiness... Cowan model has a glitch... Up & Down Guy Parties... up & down word of the week ... Up & Down Girl on marriage... Tiger Woods and Toyota Vice Chairman call in... 60 Seconds expose on overly litigious lawyer... Why God rejected Emmy losers' close]

LISTEN TO – Up & Down Guys KPFK episode: 12/2/10
(can click mouse over rectangle next to arrow to advance through show) [27 1/2 min.]
[Therapy session... show opening... The Latest Odds! ... Recreating holiday childhood excitement... Larry King's all-purpose question... up & down word of the week ... Governor Sarah Palin calls in... Down guy's way to feel successful for a change: Unemployment Tonight... Musical difference between the down guy and up & down guy, Frank Sinatra... show close]

LISTEN TO – Up & Down Guys KPFK episode: Feb. ’11
(can click mouse over rectangle next to arrow to advance through show) [29 min. 30 sec.]
[Therapy session... show opening... Word association test... The Latest Odds! ... Positive steps in the year ahead... Motivational speaker, Mario... Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan... Why God rejected the Golden Globe losers' prayers... show close]

Background: Over 50 live hours of Up & Down Guys in streaming audio/VIDEO originated on L.A. internet radio station in 2000. Vintage Up & Down Guys show can be accessed at ... ... As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the show grew into a cult sensation as the crown jewels of the site. In 2004, KLSX 97.1 FM, Los Angeles, offered to test the show on its airwaves. In 2010, Up & Down Guys premiered on KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles.

ANDY COWAN is an award-winning writer/producer/performer, associated with two of the five best television series of all time, as compiled in 2012 by ABC News and People Magazine, and the number two and number eight best written series as voted by the Writers Guild of America in 2013 (101 Best Written TV Series). Credits include Cheers (multiple episodes), Seinfeld, 3rd Rock From the Sun (both staff) and numerous other comedies and talk/variety shows among his writing credits.  He began his Hollywood career as a segment producer, writer and performer on The Merv Griffin Show during the '80s and interviewed hundreds of luminaries, from Orson Welles to Jerry Seinfeld. He produced, wrote and hosted his Showtime CableACE award-winning 60 Minutes send-up, 6 Minutes, drawing praise from 60 Minutes' own creator, Don Hewitt. He's written several feature scripts and over half a dozen original pilots (and hosted some) including several for Fox and CBS, written for Ellen DeGeneres' prime time Emmy-hosting stint, performed in comedy clubs throughout the country, jazz clubs throughout Los Angeles...

... and as a voiceover artist... ... on Seinfeld, 3rd Rock, Lucas Films' Star Wars, Dark Empire I & II audio books, Star Watch, Hollywood's Best Film Directors, HBO Europe, ReelzChannel, Ovation Channel, and numerous other projects. He regularly contributes humor pieces to multiple publications including the Los Angeles Times, Salon and The New Yorker, wrote for MyFM, Los Angeles, and the CBS Jack FM Radio Network from 2007-‘10, and has written over 250 comic panels (one of which sent up Tim Russert and was featured on NBC’s Meet the Press) for King Features' Bizarro, in over 300 newspapers worldwide, the winner of three consecutive National Cartoonists Society “Best Cartoon Panel” awards and its highest honor winner in 2011.

As lead vocalist, he's performed throughout Los Angeles for over two decades, beginning with his breakthrough performance of "Sinatra" singing pop and rock songs of the '80s accompanied by Jack Sheldon, Plas Johnson & the rest of the Mort Lindsey Orchestra on The Merv Griffin Show. His original Americana pop song Hitchin' on the Highway of Life (music, lyrics & vocals)  has won five international songwriting nods and is featured in the film he wrote and appears in, Knocked Down, an official selection in the 2008 San Fernando Valley International Film Festival and 2009 Southeast New England Film, Music & Arts Festival, where it won for best comedy. 
He wrote and co-created the comedy webisode series, Phonees, featuring Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld) and Jill-Michele Melean (MADtv). Opposite Andy ...

is a comedy hybrid being developed by Steel Wool Entertainment & Media which centers on his exploits tackling “the opposite” in his own life, the theme of an acclaimed top ten Seinfeld episode he wrote. He recently hosted and executive produced his comedy talk show pilot, Another Talk Show! with Andy Cowan, featuring Jason Alexander and Sheila Raye Charles. And his comedy feature reports are soon to be a part of Studio 11 LA, the news program on Los Angeles Fox affiliate, KTTV Fox 11. Profiled in Who's Who in America, he earned his Master's Degree in Broadcasting from Boston University and began his broadcasting career in radio and TV news in Pennsylvania.

IMDB profile: (doesn’t include all credits from 2000s, nor pilots…)


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